Automatic Polishing Machine Series - Automatic Polishing Machine FGMJ16G
Main Features
The construction,which is exceptionally strong and compact,provides perfect rigidity to the beams and to the entire driving system,for perfect side sliding and a very fast traversing speed.
Because of the in depth design and construction of all the components fo the head and the abrasive-holding plate,the tool evenly and regularly touches the material.
The FGMJ range of polishers , all noiseless and ergonomic, offers the greatest level of safety throughout the polishing process and during servicing.
All polishing, control and operating setting are set up and controlled by the user through an easy, user-friendly system and an operating setting management program while remaining simple and flexible.
The FGMJ range is available in a wide range of models with up to 24 polishing heads.
This big machine is more suitable for the artificail stone and big producetion marble cutting.
Technical Parameters
FGMJ2100 Units TRAVE - 1 BEAM
16A 16G
No. of polishing heads n 16 16
Polishing heads motor power kw 11 11
Spindle power for polishing head kw 1*1.5 1*1.5
No. of beams n 1 1
No. of motors for each beam n 2 2
Beam motor power kw 7.5*2 7.5*2
Conveying belt motor power kw 1.5 1.5
Useful working width mm 2100 2100
Total installed power kw 260 260
Water consumption l/min 420 420
Belt speed m/min 0.3-3 0.3-3
Polishing plate diameter mm 550-580 550-580
Working thickness for slabs mm 15-100 15-100
Length (L)   mm 11700 11700
Width(W)   mm 2570 2570
Height(H)  mm 2400 2400
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