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XCMG 4000t level crawler Crane Performs Its First Hoisting of Large Equipment in Yantai Successfully
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In the morning of July 5, the viewing stand of Wanhua large equipment hoisting scene in Yantai is crowded with over 100 project leaders and guests from Sinopec, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, Wanhua Industrial Park in Yantai and the engineering employer and construction system in China. Holding their breath in concentration, they all see the debut of the 4000t level crawler crane, namely the hoisting of the propylene tower in Wanhua Industrial Park.
The propane dehydrogenation equipment is the heaviest in the project and the hardest to lift. As for the propylene tower, its lifting height, diameter and total weight are respectively 118m, 14.4m and 1680t. The max lifting moment of the crane modeled XGC88000 is 88000 tm, ranking first in the world in terms of hoisting capacity. For this lifting, the 108m heavy boom and 33m fixed jib are used and the operating radius is 30m. It is the only mobile hoisting equipment available in the world that can perform integrated lifting. The XGW1100 1000t-tailing dragging equipment cooperating with XGC88000 crane is jointly developed by Sinopec and XCMG for heavy hoisting projects and makes its debut in project engineering. After four hours’ operation, the pot-shaped propane dehydrogenation equipment is steadily erected on the construction base.
The first engineering application of the 4000t level crawler crane and 1000t tailing dragging equipment wins lots of applause. XCMG leads the development of the construction machinery for 24years and ranks 5th in the world. Its mobile crane ranks 1st in the world and the sale of crawler crane ranks 1st at home. The 1000t level crawler crane and 2000t level crawler crane both play main roles in national key wind power projects and chemical projects in Wuhan, Guangdong, Qingdao, Tianjin and Fujian and other areas. XCMG frequently creates new hoisting modes in engineering application, optimizes one-off integral hoisting and therefore obviously enhances the hoisting level of construction enterprises. Moreover, the XGC88000, which reflects XCMG’s profound accumulation in the last decade in the field of mobile cranes, created 5 records—the heaviest in the world, the most comprehensive operating mode, highest safety, the highest efficiency of transport and high cost-effectiveness.
As the integral crawler crane possessing the max capacity among the integral crawler cranes developed in the hoisting equipment industry all over the world it is the first 4000t level crawler product that is successfully sold globally. The successful application of XCMG’s one and four thousand-ton level crawler crane is one firm step and powerful support for XCMG to become an internationalized top level company with 300 billion Yuan output. Due to its international competitiveness it will become the pride of our nation. The 4000t level crawler crane represents the realization of XCMG’s dream. Meanwhile it breaks through the monopoly of super-tonnage crawler cranes by foreign enterprises and realizes new breakthroughs in development of super-tonnage crawler cranes, marking the research of large hoisting equipment has reached international advanced level.
Furthermore, it becomes a part of Chinese rejuvenation dream fortunately. The 10th Sinopec Construction Limited and the project group of Wanhua Industrial Park both speak highly of the successful application of XGC88000. By this hoisting ceremony, the 4000t level crawler crane marks the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. XGC88000 will live up to the expectation of the clients. In future engineering projects, its safe and marvelous performance will provide powerful guarantee for hoisting operation in petrochemical engineering, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical engineering and other industries.
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